Sartre Wars: George Lucas' Nausea

For some local nausea, try Sally Kern, and when you look at the story, make sure to read some of the comments that indicate how others view our state. Ugh! I’ll just bet my Mom and daughter agree like totally and 100% that it’s OK for women to earn less money since they just tend to want to be at home. And the bill PASSED! Because, of course, ending affirmative action by our state government will end racism and discrimination against whites. I feel so safe from sharia law now, I’m just raring to restrict abortions. Oh, wait! We did that, too.

One thought on “Sartre Wars: George Lucas' Nausea

  1. Araquin

    Holy shit. Due to all the delightful people I know there, I keep forgetting that the real Oklahoma is actually the anus of the US. Judging from the embarrassing uneducated morons the (to me fortunately unknown) majority in Oklahoma keeps voting for.


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