Tuesday tidbits

All boys love fart jokes. This is wonderful. TV news anchors find themselves trying to report about an assault arrest of a DUI suspect and just can’t … quite … keep a straight face:


The Michele Bachmann Saga continues

Ouch! Michele Bachmann’s former chief of staff says she’s not competent, prepared to be president. That’s gonna leave a mark.

I’m not sure what his beef is with his former employer because as DailyKos notes, she’s a serious and substantive person and her record makes it clear. In fact, just because she mixed up movie star John Wayne with serial killer John Wayne Gacey is only proof of the fact that she’s not always perfect. Just watch the CNN video and you’ll be convinced.

Too bad for George Stephanopolous on ABC’s Good Morning America that he had Bachmann on and asked her about some of her problems with the truth and gaffes regarding minimum wage because he just can’t accept that 9 year old John Quincy Adams was a “Founding Father”, as the Minnesota GOP U.S. Representative and leading presidential candidate asserts. (A little history lesson: JQA was, in some ways, the founder of American liberalism since he was the first to use the federal government to build infrastructure and support the arts, etc.)

Those silly people at The Washington Post just don’t get it: they fact checked her without giving her credit for being “scholarly”.


Since not everyone enjoys fart jokes, I double dog dare you not to get a good lol out of this entry:


I went to Monday night’s last jazz jam session at the Gold Dome. Prohibition Room is moving out of its present digs there and the jam will resume elsewhere (TBA) at a later time. It was a jam worthy of attendance and the music was absolutely wonderful. I love the ephemeral nature of the live performances and last night most of the work being performed was new work by local musicians. This has been a Monday night staple for me for some time and I have endlessly enjoyed it and I get such great service out of the staff there. I wish Richard and Donne the very best.


Speaking of new work, I just can’t wait to see the new work of George Oswalt this Friday. I love the guy and think he’s one of the best friends I’ve ever had and I respect and admire him beyond words. That aside, I believe the guy is a genius. Really. His technique is flawless. His palette is composed of marvelous and always surprising color. His composition is always interesting and entertaining. I highly regard his dreamscape post-modern style. His subject matter is always intellectually challenging. He’s the complete package. In addition to my aesthetic admiration for his work, there’s also the matter of taste. I always look at work a second way when I ask myself if I would have the art in my own house. I’ve never seen a work by George that I didn’t want to personally own and see every day in my own house. I hope he sells every single canvas. I wish for him that he gets the same buzz and recognition that great artists deserve. I would compare him favorably to Michi Susan and DJ Lafon and just about anyone else working in Oklahoma you might bring up. If you don’t go to JRB Gallery Friday to see this work, it’s just lame.