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Thinking Thursday (hilariously updated postscript)


Looking for a Hero by George Oswalt

You will find me at the JRB Gallery on the Paseo tomorrow evening. I can’t wait for this opening.

Tonight, I’ll be on lower Bricktown in front of the Harkins Theater from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. watching Cami Stinson. Watch this and you’ll know why I’ll be out tonight.


Daily Kos on Oklahoma’s 2d Congressional District election in wake of Rep. Dan Boren announcing he won’t seek re-election:

Yesterday morning, ex-Rep. Brad Carson emailed me to let me know that his plans have changed and he will not be seeking his old seat back in the wake of Dan Boren’s retirement. Fortunately, Democrats have a strong bench here despite the red hue of the district, and there are several other possible candidates, including ex-state Sen. Ken Corn (who previously said he’s “very likely” to run) and state Rep. Ben Sherrer. The Hotline also mentions state Sen. Josh Breechen as a possible GOP candidate.


When Ezra Klein at Washington Post looked at the deficit negotiations, he found the GOP rejected their own proposals and walked out. Who’s the dick?

So when the GOP’s economic policy team sat down to make the strongest case they could for growth-inducing deficit reduction, they recommended a mix (of) 85:15 (blogblah’s note: of spending cuts to tax increases), not a 100:0 mix. And then, when the Obama administration agreed to an 83:17 mix, the Republican leadership walked out of the room and demanded that taxes be excluded from the deal altogether. How do you negotiate with that?


Here’s a novel way to get past the debt ceiling crisis: rely on the 14th Amendment and just ignore it. According to CNN Money, it’s one of the answers to the puzzle proposed by the Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner.

The 14th Amendment states: “The validity of the public debt of the United States, authorized by law, including debts incurred for payment of pensions and bounties for services in suppressing insurrection or rebellion, shall not be questioned.”


The chairman of the state legislative ethics committee in Indiana may have a slight problem, according to local reports.

a very attractive 26 year old woman who has connections to a strip club in Lawrenceburg, Indiana was in the car with 59 year old Republican State Representative Robert Mechlenborg at 12:08AM when he was pulled over by the Indiana State Police and subsequently tested positive for alcohol and Viagra.

Blogblah note: enjoy the schadenfreude my droogies.


Time magazine editor and MSNBC political analyst for the Morning Joe show Mark Halperin gets suspended and apologized for saying President Obama was “kind of a dick” during last night’s press conference. Obama should consider the source.


If you do nothing else today, please watch THIS VIDEO. Please, please please. DO IT! It’s the most inspiring thing I’ve seen in an age. It will change your attitude.


Post Script:
I haven’t really had much to say about the New York legislature passing gay marriage equality legislation because, well, I don’t know much about it. However, I couldn’t resist the video below. In it, Howard Zinn, a counter-historian (my formulation), introduces part of an oral history of the so-called Stonewall Rebellion and actor Tim Robbins reads (with such wonderful verve) the eyewitness testimony of Martin Duberman. This is just so good, it’s awesome sauce!

Tim Robbins reads Martin Duberman, “Stonewall” from Voices of a People's History on Vimeo.

December 6, 2009

The sun makes the infinity symbol in its travels through a year

The sun makes the infinity symbol in its travels through a year

This may be the most complicated photo taken EVAH. The method of getting the sun to demonstrate its flight overhead over the course of a year wasn’t easy and is described HERE. Hat tip to the traveling John Heinous.

My daughter has posted the most incredible film starring my grand-daughter on her blog, Mom-A-Tron, and I beg you go see and hear the smartest 7-year-old on Planet Earth.

My sister writes on her blog, MindOverMary, that she wants to go on a genealogical detective hunt for my adopted father’s biological roots and needs a brother to go with her. I have some mixed feelings, but my curiosity presently dominates.

There were lots of things to do this weekend. A few of the things on my list were: IAO opening, Baubles show at Red Cup, the opening of Oh! studios by the lovely Juliet and her partners, First Friday gallery walk on Paseo and the opening of Picaso’s, the much anticipated successor to the beloved Galileo’s. The teapots at JRB Art Gallery were interesting, but there was one teapot with “bullet” teacups that looked remarkably like, well, male genitalia. Joy Reed Belt also showed some really wonderful and bright works in the main room that I wished I could afford.

Being a tea-totaller, I passed on something that sounded like soooo much fun: the Snuggie Pub Crawl initiated by The Lost Ogle. The pub crawl focused on the Classen Circle clubs (Edna’s, Drunkenfry, HiLo and Speakeasy on 51st) and the star of the event was JD Merryweather’s Coop Ale Works beers. JD is a well known and wonderful photographer who lives and works in my Paseo “bubble”; he’s also a helluva great guy.

Love you guys and there’s nothing you can do about it.