Colbert takedown with cool update at end


I will never go to WalMart again.


The Devil wears Depends, not Prada ... at least at WalMart



While press was watching Weiner’s Weiner & Palin’s emails, Calculated Risk’s list of problem banks went up over 1000.


LIVE on the Plaza, 9June11 edition


Mockingbird was only one of several bands playing on the street


Picasso's Jane4oh5 and Twitter's @sonlawryan listen

If you aren’t catching some of the action on NW 16th and Indiana on the second Friday of the month then you’re missing out on a great bit of what makes Oklahoma City so liveable these days. It’s a street festival with street food, bands, stores with discounts and people having lots of fun. Last night, I went to Saints for dinner and saw several friends including PopModern and Samantha Lamb and the place was packed. I’ve always had good luck with the menu, although last night I ordered dinner while applying for my first driver’s license and didn’t get any food until my first Social Security check was dispensed. Fortunately, there was enough smoozing to fill the time. There was a modeling display of individualized fanny packs on 80s theme dressed models worth the trouble of driving and one of the Fox25 on-air dolls was raising money for Children’s Hospital Foundation over by No Regrets Tattoos and SpyFM and a taco truck and … well, you get the idea that there was lots going on.
Don’t know when you’re reading this, but for me it’s Saturday afternoon and Jane4oh5 of Picasso’s on Paseo hooked me up with a press pass for DeadCenter and I can’t wait to grab some movie time at one of the top 20 film festivals in America that goes on right here in Oklahoma City. If you hit the link, it contains the schedule of events. Having a highly regarded film festival here in town also makes me glad to live in this town.


This beer ad is genius!