Sunday: considering God and the Infinite

There are times, as today, that MCARP considers the infinite and his place in it. He says he wants to be an ant again rather than a schlub who lives on 15th Street. I understand. This new timelapse photography of the heavens in the Chilean desert is astounding: it gives us some perspective about what our real place is in the universe.

The TED talk video below is also, in a way, about our place in the universe. It is about those who are on the internet and who connect with other humans and, collectively, change the world for individuals and, therefore, for all of us. We are all of us creators and collectively we are THE creator, this man says.

I am somewhere in between these two videos this summer Sunday. I’ll take a dip in my mom’s swimming pool and eat some of the ham and beans I cooked yesterday. Not much. But, if just one of you watches both of these videos and actually thinks about them, I’ll have done much indeed.

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